Getting Sherry's "Because of You" music CD

Sherry's CD is now shipping! If you want a free copy, then let us know your name and mailing address below. This is all on the honor system. We suggest a contribution of $15 or more per CD to Outreach International, and you can contribute online by clicking on the Outreach International icon below. That part is all between you and Outreach. Every CD ships with a reminder card with donation instructions if you want to wait until you receive the CD.

If you want to send a check, note that this is for 'My Outreach - Sherry Lindgren' on the comment line, and send it to Outreach International, Inc., 129 W Lexington, Independence, Missouri, USA 64050.

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Extra copies are available on request (Christmas is coming!) Let us know in the box below with this request or any other special handling information.

Your name, address and email are only used for personal response and will never be sold, transferred or displayed on this site. The Outreach donation site give you the option of disclosing your name or remaining anonymous.

To contribute directly to Outreach International for this project, or to learn more about what they do, click on the icon below. Your CD will come directly from Rick and Sherry.

Outreach International

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